Application Process

Required Documents

  • A completed application form. ( Get Here)
  • A recent photo of the child (2 pcs. 2” x 2”) - colored with white background.
  • Copy of PSA certified birth certificate.
  • Copy of report cards, transcript of records, and all other reports from the previous school.
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Payment of the application fee (PhP500.00)

Additional Requirements for Grades 8-12.

  • Copy of report cards, transcript of records, standardized test scores and all other school reports for the last 3 years.
  • A letter of recommendation from a teacher or counsellor at the applicant's current school (please obtain standard format from the Admin Office).
  • A completed Student Questionnaire and Parent Questionnaire (available at the Admin Office).

Processing of Applications

Upon complete submission of all the required documents, the following next steps are undertaken.


  • Parent Induction Interview. The Induction Interview is a venue where questions and concerns about Steiner Education – philosophy, pedagogy, home school partnership and administration are clarified.
  • Child Observation/Interview.
    Trial Classes. The child is asked to "sit-in" the class for at least three days to see how s/he will integrate with rest of the children.


  • School Readiness Test (for Grade 1 only).
  • Confirmatory Tests. Should the school deem it necessary, a child may also be asked to take an English and/or Math test.

The school shall endeavour to complete the entire process within 2 weeks (subject to interview and test schedules). The school shall formally inform all applicants of the results of their application.

Age Requirements

Manila Waldorf School determines the appropriate grade level for a child primarily on the basis of their age.

Program Age by June
Parent-Toddler Program 1.5-3.5
3 Day Kindergarten Program 3.6-4.2
5 Day Kindergarten Program 4.3-6.+
Grade 1 6.3-7
Grade 2 7.3-8
Grade 3 8.3-9
Grade 4 9.3-10
Grade 5 10.3-11
Grade 6 11.3-12
Grade 7 12.3-13
Grade 8 13.3-14
Grade 9 14.3-15
Grade 10 15.3-16
Grade 11 16.3-17
Grade 12 17.3-18